Louisa Stranack:
I think Zenon is a wonderful trainer. He is commited, enthusiastic and professional. I especially enjoyed our TRX bootcamps. Although I was older and very unfit when I first started training with Zenon, he trained me well and I still benefit from him teaching me the correct exercise techniques .

Zenon pushed me to my limits and helped me achieve goals I never thought I would achieve. His willingness to help his client goes above and beyond what other personal trainers are prepared to do! His TRX workouts are NASTY but you will thank him for it later! If you looking for someone who has a genuine interest and passion for helping his clients reach their full potential and goals, I would highly recommend him!

Ronnie :

What I like about Zenon is that he knows how to motivate me. He makes each of my training sessions challenging BUT rewarding. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer if you want to achive your fitness and health goals. 


Zenon has a passion to help his clients. His knowledege and his ability to connect with us is impressive. He is attentive to what our needs are, what our limits are and how far he can push us. He encourages and motivates us to do better.   

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