Zenon has always been a huge believer in an active and healthy lifestyle, having made his National colours for Baseball and recently representing KZN for men’s hockey. He would use his extensive knowledge in fitness and sports specific training to help both himself and his team train to reach optimum levels of preparedness for each match and tournament. 

After qualifying as a personal trainer he quickly became disillusioned with traditional methods of training, feeling they would not allow him to reach his goals in the most optimal time. He studied further to become a TRX master trainer. The TRX would allow him to focus on his sports specific training he enjoyed so much as well as opened up the world of  FUNctional training. FUNctional training was very similar to a boot camp style of training but each session with Zenon would be different and unique often trying to never do the same exercise more than once in a week. This method would keep the body guessing and help avoid the dreaded “Plateau” that many exercisers dread.

Being such and active sportsman he was always running the risk of injury so he studied further to learn more about injury recovery and prevention, this lead to him being a more complete personal trainer. That would allow him to give himself and his clients the most comprehensive training experience possible.

Zenon is passionate and dedicated. If you train with him you can be confident you are getting the best training that you can get and the same training that he himself is using.